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Lamborghini Urus in 6 driving modes: pure freedom

Broaden your horizons. Lamborghini Urus is the Super SUV able to travel over any terrain, from asphalt to sand, going down gravel and icy paths, as the latest speed record set at Lake Baikal proves. 

The extreme versatility of the Urus can be found in its 6 different driving modes plus EGO, which let the driver totally personalize the car set-up depending on the environment, driving style and road conditions. 

In addition to the NEVE mode, the same that allowed the record to be set at Days of Speed on Lake Baikal, it offers the TERRA mode for off-road explorations; SABBIA mode for scaling dunes in the desert; STRADA for everyday driving in comfort and at high speed; SPORT for country roads filled with climbs, descents and curves; and CORSA for track performance.

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Показатели расхода топлива и эмиссии Urus - Расход топлива в комбинированном цикле: 12,7 l/100km ; Эмиссия CO₂ в комбинированном цикле: 325 g/km (WLTP)