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Lamborghini Lounge Porto Cervo: Stars dinner by Mauro Colagreco

4 Septiembre 2020

Lamborghini Lounge in Porto Cervo (open from July 8 to September 6) returns to Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda for the second year running to celebrate summer together with guests and VIPs immersed in the Lamborghini lifestyle and with the opportunity to take test drives around Sardinia’s sparkling coastline. 
The latest Lamborghini models, the Huracan EVO line-up including the latest Huracán EVO RWD Spyder, Aventador SVJ and Urus are the perfect match to explore the beauties of the Italian island. A scale model of the motor yacht “Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63” is also on display, representing the state-of-the-art of luxury speed boats.

A very special highlight, on the occasion of the presentation of the Huracán EVO RWD Spyder, was the exclusive yet open-air and socially distanced, colorful dinner in the superlative yet intimate spot of San Pantaleo. Mauro Colagreco, Michelin three-starred chef and owner of the restaurant Mirazur in Menton, France, the ‘world's best’ according to the latest 50 World’s Best Restaurants, impressed guests with his culinary philosophy mixed particularly for this occasion with a vivid presentation. Delighted by his presence and intrigued by his art, we caught up with the man who propelled himself into the future of haute cuisine with a “green and slow” interpretation of excellence.

How did the idea of a menu that changes daily come about?

I feel free to work without any cultural conditioning, to discover exceptional ingredients at the market, to experiment with the vegetables from the garden. Creativity increases when you step out of your comfort zone.

You follow a "slow" and sustainable philosophy. Is there anything fast in your kitchen?

I have great respect for time, but I’m anxious. In my kitchen, everything must be done impeccably and quickly, you need responsiveness to solve problems and give the best. It’s like when I drive a car, I like the sensation of speed, it’s magical.

What was it like driving a Urus?

A unique moment, when you’re ready to go you feel like an integral part of the car. You’re enveloped by the sound of the engine, the comfort of the seat, the details. And then you start to feel the acceleration, the stability, and you’re totally immersed in the experience. Being lucky enough to drive a car like that is extraordinary. It was my first time in a Lamborghini and now I’m in trouble, I could get very used to it!

How do you see the future of haute cuisine?

Right now everything is more uncertain. Haute cuisine is not just a business, you do it because it’s your passion, it’s the adrenaline you wake up with in the morning. Luxury today has an enormous value, even greater because there will always be fewer of us to carry it on. Real change is important, a closer look at nature, at environmental issues; and on the other hand, there’s the utmost commitment to giving people an unrepeatable experience.

Who is the first person you let taste a new dish?

My wife Julia, the strictest of them all. But she is often right. I listen to her a lot. She’s also my partner in Mirazur and she knows the direction I want to go in.