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A Journey to the Land of Mystery

3 Agosto 2018

Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts enjoyed the fairyland-like views of the breathtaking Kanas Nature Reserve in the Chinese region of Xinjiang during the 2018 China Giro, the main theme of which was “A Journey to the Land of Mystery”.

The fleet of 27 Lamborghinis took off from Altay, passed by Burqin and Jiadengyu, and then arrived at Kanas along a mysterious route where the guests could admire unforgettable panoramas from an exceptional point of view: a super sports car of the House of the Raging Bull. The views were characterized by the green lush fields and glittering lakes of the Kanas Viewpoint and the emerald woods and singing streams of the exquisite village of Baihaba. The memorable experience drew an awe-inspiring ending with the standing cliffs and boundless grassland of Hemu at the mountain top viewpoint, and the lingering lights of the setting sun at the colorful Wu Cai Bay. 
Besides the spectacular landscapes, the 2018 China Giro also allowed participants to experience the unique cultures of Xinjiang, enjoy the joyful folk performances provided by Tuva, Mongolian and Kazak people and learn more about the cultural heritage of the Altay region.

“As one of the most important markets for Lamborghini globally, the strategic position of the Chinese market is self-evident,” said Francesco Scardaoni, Managing Director of Automobili Lamborghini Chinese mainland, Hong Kong & Macao. “We introduced Urus to China this year, the world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle, and created a new niche in the luxury segment to meet the customers’ demand for premium products. With China Giro, we would like to fulfill and demonstrate our commitment to satisfying the Chinese market, by arranging distinctive activities which allow our guests to experience a combination of exclusive lifestyle and the view of nature.”