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Automobili Lamborghini and UNIDO Against Covid-19

As a global leader, Automobili Lamborghini constantly strives to stimulate and enable positive change. That is why the company is proud to be part of the LKDF4Industry Initiative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization's Learning and Knowledge Development Facility. LKDF4Industry aims to help the industrial sector to overcome obstacles through knowledge sharing and innovation.

The Learning and Knowledge Development Facility promotes demand-driven industrial skills among young people in emerging economies. And the global outbreak of the Covid-19 has posed new challenges on the demand for skills while accelerating the need to adapt to new production methods and work arrangements.

Lamborghini's response to the Covid-19 crisis has proven to be a genuine benchmark. Even when the factory production was temporarily halted, the company continued to operate several departments to supply local hospitals with masks, shields, and other protective equipment. And when the lockdown ended, the company rapidly reorganized its production to ensure the health and safety of its employees by introducing social distancing, adapting shifts, and providing all the necessary PPE. The remarkable level of adaptation is also true of the company's global workforce, as 90% of Automobili Lamborghini dealers are now fully operational.

Eager to play a leading role in helping the industrial sector meet the challenges it has faced so successfully, Automobili Lamborghini has joined the LKDF4Industry initiative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

Automobili Lamborghini firmly believes that this challenging time is also an opportunity for innovation and learning. By sharing best practices and overcoming collective obstacles across sectors, the global industrial community can rebuild better and stronger, and that is why the company is supporting the #LKDF4Industry initiative.

Automobili Lamborghini and LKDF: together against Covid-19.